Our Approach

Our Approach

We have a simple process that allows you and us to assess if there is a fit and, if there is, work together to design a custom solution that is ideal for everyone involved.

As a business owner, have you ever had any of the following thoughts:

  • How am I ever going to retire?
  • I shoulder all the pressure of this company.
  • It would be nice to have others share some of my responsibility.
  • Sometimes the employees drive me crazy.
  • I need some people that have been down this road to help solve some business issues.

We designed a flexible structure that benefits Business Owners and Investors. A typical process is as follows:

Initial Meeting

We meet with you to get a broad understanding of your business and assess if your business is a fit with our investment model and criteria. It is important to determine if we add value to you and your business and if the business is suitable to our investors.

Investor Review

We review the opportunity with our investor group. We get feedback from the investor team and get consensus on pricing, terms and moving forward.

Discuss Pricing, Terms

We meet with you to discuss out thoughts on how we view a mutually beneficial transaction. We listen to your comments and hopefully are able to construct a mutually acceptable solution.

Enter in Letter of Intent

We enter into an agreement to outline the terms of the proposed transaction.

Diligence, Contract Negotiations, Financing

There is a 60-90 period needed to get our diligence completed, negotiate contracts, and get financing in place (if needed).


We start the process of working together with aligned interests.

This is typically a 2-3 month process and, depending on the transaction details, there may not be a need to have any type of announcement. We are happy to remain anonymous.