Catalyzing the Transition


Our Focus: Low-Carbon, Reliable, and Cost Efficient

At Transition Equity Partners, LLC, our strategic focus is identifying investment opportunities that facilitate the ongoing shift to cleaner, smarter, more reliable energy infrastructure, and the supporting supply chains and services.

Reducing the carbon intensity of North America’s energy sector is a decades-long process that demands substantial investment, and a strategic focus on the most impactful solutions.

TEP is facilitating this shift through strategic partnerships and investments in leading developers, and projects delivering the solutions needed to reliably decarbonize North America’s economy.


Capitalizing a Generational Transition

The global shift to low-carbon energy infrastructure and supply chains will require large amounts of strategic capital working alongside strong management teams to deliver the necessary projects. The TEP team aims to make both growth equity and control buyout investments in opportunities across three strategies within this transition:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Decarbonization Infrastructure
  • Clean Energy Supply Chain

Leading the Change Since 2000

For more than twenty years, TEP founder Pat Eilers has helped pioneer investments in renewable, sustainable energy, building an expansive network of relationships across the United States in the process.

From building wind farms along the volcanic ridges of Oahu’s North Shore to investing in clean-burning natural gas power plants serving New York City, he’s personally directed energy infrastructure capital deployment for over 20 years. TEP’s Partners have invested more than $2bn across the energy transition.


Track Record of Transformative Investments

The investments the TEP team currently manages originated with longstanding relationships. Our investments and active support of industry leading management teams to deliver lower-carbon, reliable, cost effective energy infrastructure and supporting supply chains demonstrates our team’s ability to source and execute proprietary investments that capitalize on rapidly transitioning sectors.


Committed to Better

Ensuring our investments protect and promote the well-being of the environment and the communities around them is at the core of everything we do. By investing in businesses, assets and technologies that reduce or eliminate air emissions, water usage, and ground contamination, we serve both our investors and future generations. TEP also promotes more immediate needs like employee health and safety and investment in local communities.