Mission Driven Partners Committed to Long-Term Growth

Making North America’s energy & digital systems increasingly sustainable and smart will require substantial investment. TEP provides holistic support for this transition by leveraging decades of sector experience and strong relationships with the nation’s leading engineering and research firms. Our diligent, bottom-up approach underlies every growth equity and control investment we make in buyout opportunities. These and our funding of platforms and assets contribute to a more environmentally friendly, decarbonized, and resilient energy and digital sector.

TEP is a FINRA-regulated United States fund manager specializing in the energy and power transition.

Our Target Sectors

Renewable Energy

Energy & Digital Technology

Transitional Energy


All of the companies and assets we manage must demonstrate measurable environmental benefit. This guiding TEP principle ensures our long-term success while sustaining the interests of, and generating value for, our stakeholders.


We create unique financing solutions and hedging strategies to capture the efficient frontier of maximized equity returns without the risk of over-leveraging assets. In this dynamic sector, we don’t rely on precedents–we lead the way, seeking continuous improvement.


Committed to best-in-class investment performance, we bring diligence to every transaction proposal we underwrite. We draw on decades of industry knowledge to achieve reliably superior, risk-adjusted returns for our investors.