DALLAS, Aug. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Railroad Commission of Texas has granted approval for the Trinity Gas Storage natural gas storage project (“Trinity”), a critical component in the effort to enhance energy infrastructure and security in Texas.  Trinity, led by a team of seasoned industry veterans and sponsored by Transition Equity Partners (“TEP”), an experienced and longtime investor in midstream energy developments, is set to offer approximately 24 bcf of the natural gas storage service in its Phase I, with operations commencing in mid-2024.

“Receiving approval from the Railroad Commission of Texas is a watershed moment for the Trinity Gas Storage project,” said Matt Hurley, Chief Commercial Officer. “This approval marks the last vital milestone needed for Trinity to commence construction, pending the anticipated final investment decision. We are thrilled to reach this stage of development for our customers and are confident in Trinity’s ability to revolutionize the natural gas storage industry in Texas.”

With Phase I of the project fully contracted, Trinity will soon initiate the marketing of Phase II capacity to cater to the increasing demand for reliable natural gas storage solutions. Strategically located adjacent to the Haynesville Shale play in East Texas, Trinity will be well-positioned to meet the ever-evolving landscape of LNG development and the growth of new natural gas-fired power generation.  In addition, Trinity will be perfectly situated to support the growing consumer base in and around the greater DFW metroplex as a new source of firm natural gas storage service.

“The Trinity Gas Storage project is of the utmost importance in balancing the operational needs of ERCOT (the Texas grid) and supporting natural gas infrastructure,” emphasized Pat Eilers, Founder and Managing Partner of TEP. “Trinity’s state-of-the-art facilities will play a vital role in ensuring a constant and efficient supply of natural gas, thus contributing to the overall growth, prosperity, and energy security in Texas.”

Trinity Gas Storage is a flagship project, symbolizing the commitment to reliability and sustainability of energy for the citizens of Texas. The commencement of operations in mid-2024 is expected to have a significant and positive impact on the energy landscape in Texas, benefiting both consumers and the broader economy.

About Trinity Gas Storage:

Trinity Gas Storage is a pioneering natural gas storage project based in East Texas. Led by a team of seasoned industry professionals and sponsored by Transition Equity Partners, Trinity aims to enhance the energy infrastructure in Texas and ensure a reliable supply of natural gas. With Phase 1 operations set to commence in mid-2024, Trinity is uniquely positioned to meet the growing demands of the energy industry.

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About Transition Equity Partners:

Transition Equity Partners (“TEP”) is a private equity firm based in Chicago investing in companies that are facilitating the multi-decade process of transitioning to cleaner, more efficient, reliable, and sustainable energy infrastructure. TEP is led by Pat Eilers, Michael Allison, and Craig Payne, who have deep expertise in investing in world-class development projects in the energy transition industry.

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